WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp is one of the most famous applications at the moment. Most people that use WhatsApp, would like to customize their chats. Since a few years, a new (unofficial) version of WhatsApp can be downloaded, it’s called ‘WhatsApp Plus’ and is absolutely free for any Android device. WhatsApp Plus has the exact same functionalities as the normal version of WhatsApp, but users are able to customize their whole application.

WhatsApp Plus download

You can not download WhatsApp Plus in the normal Google Play of Apple store, since it’s not an official application. In order to download WhatsApp Plus on your Android device, you need to download the .APK file first and copy it to your device manually. In order to install WhatsApp on your iPhone, you will need to jailbreak your device first. After your device has been jailbroken, you can manually download WhatsApp Plus via Cydia. WhatsApp Plus won’t ever come in the official app stores, because the real WhatsApp is preventing this.

Customize your WhatsApp!

WhatsApp Plus uses all the source files of WhatsApp. When you login to WhatsApp Plus, the server automatically connects to the real WhatsApp. Your account details are always 100% secure and won’t be shared to anyone. The one advantage of WhatsApp Plus against the normal version of WhatsApp is that you can customize your chats. For example, you can choose your own theme’s, change you chat windows, change the style of the text balloons and decide the font size of the text.

Where to download WhatsApp Plus updates?

The developers of WhatsApp Plus are changing the location of the source file every now and then, because their service isn’t legal. It isn’t legal, because they use the copyrighted source files of the real WhatsApp, which of course isn’t allowed. WhatsApp Plus provides their application with many updates, almost every week new features are added to the application. You don’t have to re-install the application for every update, because it has an in-app function to search for new updates automatically.

Always keep a back-up of your conversations!

Before you stop using the normal WhatsApp and start using WhatsApp Plus, it’s really important to make a good back-up of all your conversations. You won’t be the first that forget to make a back-up of their conversations and lost their conversations after a while. The big advantage of WhatsApp Plus is that the source files are exactly the same as the normal application, so you can easily export your normal WhatsApp conversations and import these to the Plus application. When you would like to stop using WhatsApp Plus, you can also export all your conversations and import these again to the normal WhatsApp, everything will still work perfectly fine after these transfers!

WhatsApp Plus Android

Are you currently using WhatsApp on your Android device? We do really advise you to download WhatsApp Plus instead. After Facebook took over WhatsApp, most people are very scared about their privacy information. When you use WhatsApp Plus instead, you can prevent Facebook from inquiring your personal details. WhatsApp Plus Android also offers a lot of advantages if you compare it to the normal version of WhatsApp. The normal version of this application is very limited, it’s to even possible to customize your own chats. If you want to download WhatsApp Plus on your Android device, you don’t even have to jailbreak it. The .APK install file of WhatsApp Plus can just be transferred to your Android device via USB. After you’ve copied the .APK file, you can start the install on your Android device.

WhatsApp Plus iPhone

 If you are currently using WhatsApp on your iPhone, it’s also worth changing it to WhatsApp Plus. Please remember that you have to jailbreak your iOS device in order to use WhatsApp Plus, that’s the reason why most of the iOS users are still using the normal version of WhatsApp. You can also download WhatsApp for your iPad. If you have already jailbroken your iOS device, you shouldn’t even think about keep using the normal version of WhatsApp. The functionality of WhatsApp Plus for your iPhone device is exactly the same, but the unofficial version of WhatsApp provides their uses with a lot more features. Of course, when you use WhatsApp Plus on your iPhone, all your personal details are 100% secure.

WhatsApp Plus PC

Did you know that you can install WhatsApp Web. Please follow your manual ‘WhatsApp for PC’ in order to successfully install WhatsApp Plus on your computer. Enjoy!

How does WhatsApp Plus work?

WhatsApp Plus works exactly the same as the normal version of WhatsApp. If you know how to use the normal version of the application, you won’t find any problems during the use of WhatsApp Plus. The only advantage of this unofficial application is that you have more options to customize the application to your own wishes. Most people would like to change the look of their chats, with WhatsApp Plus that’s possible with so called ‘themes’. The themes for WhatsApp Plus can be downloaded from the internet for free. Please remember that you can only use one of the WhatsApp versions a time. It’s not possible to use the normal WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus at the same time with the same phone number, since the number and the application are connected to another. When you want to use the normal WhatsApp again, you might need to verify that you are the owner of the phone number.

WhatsApp Plus is absolutely free

The big advantage of WhatsApp Plus is that you can customize your personal chats. But for most people, also the price is a big advantage. Since about a year, you need to pay around $0,99 a year to use the normal version of WhatsApp. You would you want to pay $0,99 for an application what has a lot more limitations then WhatsApp Plus, an application that costs absolutely nothing and offers a lot more features? Millions of people stopped using the normal version of WhatsApp and transferred all their conversations to WhatsApp Plus.