WhatsApp for iPad

Most Whatsapp users aren’t aware of the fact that it’s also possible to download and install WhatsApp on their iPad or PC. The main reason for this is that the developers of WhatsApp say that’s it’s not possible to run this application on that devices. Of course, there are always ways to install application on your iPad, even when it didn’t seem possible.

Currently millions of people are using WhatsApp on their iPads, are you going to be one of these lucky ones?

WhatsApp for iPad download

Unfortunately you can’t download WhatsApp for iPad in the normal Apple app store. You’ll need to follow a manual in order to install WhatsApp on your iPad. We are currently working on a manual for WhatsApp for iPad and will provide you with one soon (of course for free)!

Why would I want to use WhatsApp on my iPad?

Most people that use WhatsApp would like to be connected to their friends everywhere and anytime. You can’t always bring your phone, or you just don’t want to use your Phone every time. We’ve got a solution for you: just download WhatsApp on your iPad instead! The use of WhatsApp on your iPad is absolutely free. Another advantage is that the functions of WhatsApp are exactly the same!

Why wouldn't I want to use WhatsApp on my iPad?

Of course, there are always disadvantages about tricks to install applications on devices they aren’t made for. The big disadvantage of WhatsApp for iPad is that it’s not possible to connect the same mobile phone number to multiple devices. It’s not possible to use the same mobile phone number you use on your iPhone for the application on the iPad. Of course this shouldn’t be a problem, you can create a new mobile phone number for WhatsApp on your iPad. You can also choose to verify you account each time you want to use WhatsApp for iPad. You only need to submit a code and you are ready to go! This way you will still be able to use the same mobile phone number on 2 devices!