WhatsApp for PC

Most WhatsApp users don’t know that it’s possible to download WhatsApp for PC. It’s not really hard to install this application on your Pc, you just need to know how to do it. We’ll provide you with a clear manual to download WhatsApp for PC on this pages, please scroll down to see the manual directly. It’s important to know that it’s not possible to use the same mobile phone number on your PC, as you do on your iPhone or Android device.

A mobile phone number can be connected to 1 device only, so please understand that before you start following the manual.

How to download WhatsApp for PC?

1. Download BlueStacks app player from the internet and install it on your computer or laptop.
2. Find ‘WhatsApp’ in the search field, the application should pop-up in your window.
3. Once you’ve found WhatsApp, click ‘download’, the application will start to install.
4. Verify your mobile phone number. If you are currently using WhatsApp on your iPad, iPhone or Android device, you should chose for another mobile phone number on your PC. You can also switch between the devices, but this is not recommended.
5. You’ve now successfully downloaded and installed WhatsApp for PC, enjoy using this application on your computer!

Is WhatsApp for PC free?

We are happy to tell you that WhatsApp for PC is absolutely free. Unfortunately it’s not possible to download WhatsApp for PC in the normal app store, since it's not an application for computers. If you follow the manual mentioned above, you won't find any problems downloading WhatsApp for your PC.

WhatsApp for Mac

It's possible to download WhatsApp on your PC (Windows 7/8/XP), but it's also possible to download WhatsApp for Mac. You can also download Bluestacks for your Mac, you need to follow the same instructions as mentioned above to install WhatsApp for iMac.

WhatsApp for PC by using WhatsApp Web

Although there has been a great demand for a PC version of WhatsApp, the company kept telling their users for a long time that it wouldn’t be possible to release a WhatsApp for PC version. In the beginning of 2015 WhatsApp came back on that by releasing the ‘WhatsApp Web’ for computers, laptops and tablets. By using WhatsApp Web, you are able to use WhatsApp for PC quite easy.

WhatsApp Web is a browser-based application, which means that you can only use the application in the browser of your PC, tablet or laptop. WhatsApp Web makes it possible for WhatsApp users to use their WhatsApp accounts on their PC. It’s only of the easiest methods of using WhatsApp for PC. Although you can download the WhatsApp application for PC by using programs like Bluestacks, there are a lot of people that just want to use WhatsApp for PC just a few times. For these people, WhatsApp Web is really the best choice at the moment.

How does WhatsApp Web for PC works?

We’ve created a great tutorial for you which learns you how to start using WhatsApp Web in just a few seconds. It’s important that you follow the instructions beneath in order to start using WhatsApp Web for PC.

1) The first step is to visit the WhatsApp Web website, which can be reached through going to the URL ‘Web.whatsapp.com’ or by searching for ‘Web WhatsApp’ in the Google search engine.
2) The second step is to confirm that you are the owner of your mobile phone number, you have to scan the WhatsApp Web QR code with your mobile phone. Open the camera in WhatsApp, depending on your Mobile phone device you will have to follow the following steps for that:

WhatsApp Web for Android

Open WhatsApp – Menu – WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web for BlackBerry

Open WhatsApp – Chats – Menubutton – WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web for Nokia S60

Open WhatsApp – Menu – WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web for Windows Phone

Open WhatsApp – Menu –WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web for BlackBerry 10

Open WhatsApp – Swipe from top to bottom on your screen – Select WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web for Nokia S40

Open WhatsApp – Swipe from top to bottom on your screen – Select WhatsApp Web

3) The third step is to actually scan the QR code with your Mobile Phone. After doing that you’ve successfully verified that you are the genuine owner of the WhatsApp Mobile phone number. You can now start using WhatsApp for PC!

What is the advantage of WhatsApp for PC?

In the current society, it’s very common to use multiple devices at the same time. Many people use both a device like a smartphones or tablets and a computer at the same time. WhatsApp is one of the most popular application in the worlds. Currently millions of people around the world are using WhatsApp (both for Android and iOS). A lot of these people want to be able to reach their contacts at every moment of the day. It’s not always possible to use your smartphone or tablet in all places. Sometimes you just want to have a long conversation with someone, you might be tired of typing all these things on your smartphone. Another reason might be that you currently don’t have a smartphone, which makes it really hard to start using WhatsApp.

The biggest advantage of WhatsApp for PC (both with Bluestacks or WhatsApp Web) is that you are able to contact your friends on every computer, laptop or tablet. Wherever you are and whenever you want!