WhatsApp Plus download

Would you like to customize your WhatsApp chats? The normal versions of WhatsApp has a lot of limitations, which make it impossible to customize your application. The developer of WhatsApp Plus really understand theirs users, they developed a new version of WhatsApp which has absolutely no limitation in customizing. In WhatsApp Plus, you are able to create your own personal version of WhatsApp. You can also chose to download one of the thousands free WhatsApp Plus themes from the internet.

It’s not strange that currently millions of people are searching for a way to download WhatsApp Plus on their device, instead of the normal WhatsApp application.

How to download WhatsApp Plus

 It’s not really easy to download WhatsApp Plus, because it’s not an official applications and therefore the application is not listed in the Google Play store and the Apple app store. In order to download WhatsApp Plus, you will need the download the .APK file for your Android device and transfer this file to your device via USB of bluetooth. After you’ve transferred the .APK file to your APK device, you will need to start the download on your Android device yourself. You need an application (such as ‘file manager’) to find the .APK file on your device and open it. After you’ve opened the .APK file, the install process will automatically start. After around 30 to 40 seconds, WhatsApp Plus should be successfully installed on your Android device.

Why should I download WhatsApp Plus?

We recommend all our users to use WhatsApp Plus instead of the normal version of WhatsApp. The main reason for that is that WhatsApp Plus provides their users with a lot more features then the normal version of WhatsApp. Another reason is that WhatsApp is absolutely free of charge, if you want to use the normal version of WhatsApp you’ll need to pay around $0,99 a year. Why wouldn’t you want to use an application that has more features and is absolutely free of charge?

WhatsApp Plus iPhone

When you have an iPhone and would like to download WhatsApp Plus, it’s not possible to transfer any files to your device via USB. In order to use WhatsApp Plus on your iPhone, you will need to jailbreak your device. Cydia offers you the opportunity to install WhatsApp Plus. Please remember to back-up your iPhone before you jailbreak it.