WhatsApp Plus free download

Are you searching for a way to download WhatsApp Plus for free? We developed this website to inform our users on the best way to download and install WhatsApp Plus on their devices. The use of WhatsApp Plus is free of charge. Since we are not the legal owners of WhatsApp Plus, we can’t host these files on our server. We will provide you links to the downloads beneath. Please check if the use of WhatsApp Plus is legal in your country before you download.

Why is WhatsApp Plus free?

The developers of WhatsApp Plus never intended to make money with the development of WhatsApp Plus, they just wanted to provide their users with a real new version of WhatsApp that’s completely customizable. The developers of WhatsApp Plus also didn’t like the fact that de developers of the real WhatsApp started to ask money for the real WhatsApp. Of course we don’t know if WhatsApp Plus will stay free in the future, but for know everyone can download the application absolutely free of charge.

Why should I download WhatsApp Plus?

Of course, you should decide for yourself if you want to download WhatsApp Plus or not. The most heard reason to download WhatsApp Plus is that users would like to customize their own chats, the normal WhatsApp doesn’t offer this functionality. The other reason that we hear from our users is that WhatsApp Plus is absolutely free and the normal version of the application isn’t.

What's the normal price of WhatsApp?

Of course, the amount of money you need to pay in order to use the normal version of WhatsApp isn’t that high (around $0,99 a year for Android and iOS users), but for a lot of people this is a reason to change to applications such as WhatsApp Plus. If you don’t feel the need to customize you WhatsApp Messenger, or you don’t mind paying the $0,99 a year, you can keep using the normal WhatsApp version of course.